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PsyD: Loyola or UIndy?


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Hey all, applicant coming straight from undergrad here!

I've narrowed my choices down to two PsyD programs: Loyola Maryland and University of Indianapolis. 

This is a really tough decision. Both schools are ranked highly, both have great faculty, students at both seem to love their programs, and both cities are attractive. 

What could break this tie? Anyone who goes/has gone there have an opinion? 

Thank you and good luck in your decision making as well! 

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Do either of them offer funding? That would be a factor for me. If you would be happy with either program, I would then consider quality of life factors. How much debt will you have to take out? What's the cost of living like? If the program quality is equal, I would focus on the other factors that will affect your next few years and beyond (in regards to loans). 

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Personally, if everything else is equal, I'd probably prioritize the program that would allow me to walk out with less debt. PSLF and other forms of student loan forgiveness aren't guaranteed to stick around, and interest rates for student loans can really shoot up the overall cost. You don't want to spend forever paying off grad school debt (especially if you already have undergrad debt added on top). 

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