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When to start applying for jobs?


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Not sure if this belongs here or in Officially Grads, so let me know if I would be better served somewhere else!

I accepted a full tuition scholarship with the program that I will be attending in the fall and I'm ecstatic! Unfortunately, the tuition scholarship does not include a stipend for living expenses. I applied for two different assistantships at the university, but I'm preparing myself for the worst case scenario of not getting an assistantship. I have a job currently and will be working over the summer to save up some more money. 

When is a good time to start applying to jobs? I'm going to be moving before classes start in August. Thanks!

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I recommend asking some grad students who are already in your program what they do to cover expenses and what they can tell you about the local job market. There may be some cool opportunities that come up at the university closer to the beginning of the semester.

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