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Gallaudet Notifications?

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Just curious to see if anyone knows when Gallaudet will begin notifying... It was March 1 last year and I'm getting anxious!

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I'm getting anxious too! I haven't heard anything yet but it looks like in past years it's been anywhere from March 1-22 when they send out stuff. Also, it looks like decisions first appear in the portal before any email is sent. I know their spring break is around March 22, so hopefully we'll hear back before then.

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I'm still waiting to hear back, but meanwhile, I was looking at the cost of attendance/tuition and I'm kind of confused. The chart on their tuition page says $18,180 for 9-18 credits for both fall and spring semesters, then later it says $1,010 a credit hour but there's an asterisk that seems like it's saying that's the cost for any credit over 18 but it isn't very clear. Does anyone know if Gallaudet means that the total tuition is $18,180 for the whole year or if they bill as individual credit hours, $1,010 per credit hour per semester?

Here's the page for reference:


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