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  1. I will be declining Wayne State, University of Nebraska Omaha, and my spot on Western Michigan's wait list.
  2. I lived in MP for 4 years and spent 2 years in the dorm and 2 in apartments. I lived in one owned by Henkel for a year and it was really cheap but it took them forever to respond to requests to fix things, specifically our plumbing. Also rent didn't include utilities, internet, or cable. The next year I lived in a complex owned by United and never had any problems. This was my favorite place to live because it was modern, quiet, and a lot of families lived here. Rent did include internet, cable, and a gym membership. I know a few people who have had problems with United, but I really think it
  3. When did you get your email? I haven’t heard anything yet so I guess I’m rejected? :( I’m very confused with their process
  4. Thought I'd start this thread so we didn't have to keep communicating via results section. I got the email about results being sent out within 48 hours but still haven't heard anything and I don't know anyone who has heard from them yet. Fingers crossed that they're just behind in sending everything out. I'm kinda bummed they don't email everyone and I've turned into that person who checks their email every five minutes. If anyone knows anything about their decision emails I'd love to know if they've even sent anything out yet.
  5. Congrats on your acceptances! I'm in the same boat with trying to choose programs and it feels impossible! I'm trying to combat my anxiety by creating spreadsheets with cost of tuition, living, and scholarship options. I also created another with courses offered/not offered at each. I'm tempted to pick the cheapest one, but they don't have as many courses or opportunities so I'm not sure yet.
  6. Does anybody know much about this program? I was accepted here today but I'm from Michigan and most likely won't be able to attend their open house. Any information is greatly appreciated!
  7. I thought five was a pretty solid number because I'd have choices but not be overwhelmed by them. I also didn't want to spend over $1,000 on applications.
  8. I'm still waiting to hear back, but meanwhile, I was looking at the cost of attendance/tuition and I'm kind of confused. The chart on their tuition page says $18,180 for 9-18 credits for both fall and spring semesters, then later it says $1,010 a credit hour but there's an asterisk that seems like it's saying that's the cost for any credit over 18 but it isn't very clear. Does anyone know if Gallaudet means that the total tuition is $18,180 for the whole year or if they bill as individual credit hours, $1,010 per credit hour per semester? Here's the page for reference: https://www.ga
  9. Does anyone know anything about funding from CMU? In my acceptance letter they were pretty vague but I saw other people have been given GA positions.
  10. I'm getting anxious too! I haven't heard anything yet but it looks like in past years it's been anywhere from March 1-22 when they send out stuff. Also, it looks like decisions first appear in the portal before any email is sent. I know their spring break is around March 22, so hopefully we'll hear back before then.
  11. You could always contact the department and ask about your status/when decisions will be out, that way you'd know if anything got lost in the mail.
  12. I think she used the Shipt app but I'm sure there are other ones out there.
  13. Babysitting is a great idea! My friend suggested to me yesterday to be a personal shopper for Target/Meijer/Walmart. You can accept jobs whenever you want/have time through this app and she's made like $150 in one day before. It would be a good weekend gig.
  14. I'm hoping for some funding from the programs I get into, but I'm most likely going to have to take out loans. I'm planning on looking into loan forgiveness and I know the city I'm from has certain schools that offer this for teachers, possibly SLPs too. I also want to work while I'm in school, but I don't know how feasible this is.
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