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Best way not to get my acceptances taken away?

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Hi everyone -- LTL;FTP

I'm a math/stat double major with a few acceptances to stat PhD programs -- probably mid-tier, 30-50 in the USNews rankings if that matters.  I'm taking PDE's this semester for my math major, and I'm doing pretty badly.  If I drop it, then my math major drops down to a math minor.  If I don't drop it, then I have a decent chance of still passing, but I might end up with a C.  I'd really like to go to grad school, so what's the best way to handle this situation?  I'm worried that they'll be concerned by a C on my transcript and revoke my offers, but suddenly not having my second major seems like a pretty big red flag too, and I'm not sure how they'd handle that either.

Thanks to everyone, good luck on your decisions!  Don't forget to actually do well in classes like me...

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