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Stanford MS Financial Aid


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I just got into Stanford for Management Science and Engineering and I WAS SUPER EXCITED until I saw that the expected cost was over 100k to complete the degree...haha

My decision letter specifically said the department does not fund MS students and that we would have to find external resources. I am now frantically looking for scholarships and grants, but 100k just sounds impossible. 

Just to gauge my chance of being able to afford this school, do most people receive governmental aid (through FAFSA), assuming you received some aid in undergrad? If not, how do others afford this bs ? 

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Actually, the deadline for the Knight-Hennessy Fellowship Program was way before the regular application deadline :( I am not from a traditional background like OR or econ, so I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that I got in. 

I am wondering if the decision letter says there is no funding for MS students, does that mean I will not get a financial aid package at all? I remember for my bachelor's they sent out a financial aid package few days after sending out admission letters. 

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For MS programs there's not really need-based financial aid and any kind of fellowship requires you taking the initiative to apply for and tend to be quite competitive. For Stanford, there is a possibility of tuition being covered if you try to TA a course every quarter. However, TAships are not guaranteed and they tend to be allocated to students who have taken a course before (so likely, a coterminal MS student who was previously at Stanford as an undergrad MS&E). 

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