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How to respond if a professor "eagerly" wants you to come?



Hi all! The situation is that I went to a school visit last week, and my POI there just sent me an email saying that some other prospective students already accepted the offer and kind of "pushed" me to accept as well. Although I know the professor is definitely going to be a great advisor (because their students spoke very highly of their technical skills and that they cared for the students genuinely), I'm in another visit and actually feel more inclined to join the school I'm currently visiting. Research fit is great at both schools, but I think my POI at the one I'm visiting now would have more time (since they just started last year) and seems less intimidating to interact with.

I'm not sure how to respond to such an email because I really liked talking with the professor and also think that they are a great researcher, but I don't think I would actually go there. The email seems a little forceful, which made me feel more intimidated. Is it normal when professors try to get students to come? Thanks for any advice on this!

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29 minutes ago, jackhsien said:

First of all, congratulation!

Your POI pushed you because you are POI first choice. Just be honest with POI that other university is a better fit for you and that you wish him finding a better candidate for his opening.

Thank you very much! Yes that makes sense! 

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