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Stanford GSB Research Fellows Program

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2 hours ago, Haael said:

I applied back in October. Still nothing. My guess is that they are going to need some time to filter everything.

Me neither. My friend and I both haven't heard back from the program. However, he called the director of the program today and was told that some cohorts have already reached out to applicants for interviews. Made us worry...

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I applied this program as well and haven't heard back. I feel hopeless because there is a note from urch forum, which mentioned if you don't receive a call back email about half-month after the closing date, ....then you should assume a rejection. 

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I talked to someone associated with the program who said decisions will be sent out April 11, and the 12th at the absolute latest. Not sure what to make of certain cohorts sending out interviews already... I also saw a student joined the "winter cohort" a few months ago which I also didn't know existed.

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