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  1. Mainly because departments that still require the GRE will likely still have a similar (if not slightly higher) amount of applicants. Departments that waived them will utilize different factors to speed up the process. Also, I think departments have an incentive to issue on time or slightly earlier admissions this year to provide potential graduate students with more time to facilitate moving during a pandemic - especially international students. I'm not saying this will apply for every department (or even any of them at all). But if the admissions decisions that we've seen on the results page
  2. Ah. Maybe the GPS program is under a different admissions review period than the political science program specifically. Regardless, I'm sorry for your rejection notification! I wish you the best going forward! 👍
  3. I completely agree - this cycle is going to be unprecedented no doubt. Honestly, I lean towards departments likely notifying applicants earlier this year due to COVID whatnot. Unfortunately all I can go off of is historical data in terms of gauging when I should expect to see movement (in either direction). When they seem exceptionally early, it just raises some red flags. But again, you're completely right in the fact that this year is going to be a strange admissions cycle. I didn't mean to inject any negativity.
  4. Sorry, I’ve been MIA - trying to stay off the site periodically, so my head doesn’t explode. I noticed some UCLA acceptances and UCSD denial... it seems early for both. Along with that many Northwestern admits, I wonder if today is a big spam day. I know a person already claimed a NW admit (congrats!), but this many decisions today seems a bit odd considering I know many of us have applied to these programs as well. Figured at least some more would be claiming. Thoughts?
  5. Hello all! Just checking in! Looking forward to results and hearing back from everyone else regarding admission decisions. Good luck!
  6. Just got an email from GSB with a rejection notice... was interested in political economy and coming from a polisci background, so I’m not surprised but hopefully this helps out.
  7. Hello all. I am interested in applying to top masters programs in political science next cycle and wanted to get some insight on where my chances would fall. My focus is on American politics, with some scattered interest in political theory. Primarily, I'm focused on executive power and the executive interactions with the legislative. Immigration has been my focus while an undergraduate. Currently, my cumulative GPA is a 3.56 and my major GPA is a 3.91 (my GPA is lower due to my CC GPA which is a 3.3. My University GPA is a 3.77). Considered an URM, though I know gradua
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