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  1. Just got an email from GSB with a rejection notice... was interested in political economy and coming from a polisci background, so I’m not surprised but hopefully this helps out.
  2. Hello all. I am interested in applying to top masters programs in political science next cycle and wanted to get some insight on where my chances would fall. My focus is on American politics, with some scattered interest in political theory. Primarily, I'm focused on executive power and the executive interactions with the legislative. Immigration has been my focus while an undergraduate. Currently, my cumulative GPA is a 3.56 and my major GPA is a 3.91 (my GPA is lower due to my CC GPA which is a 3.3. My University GPA is a 3.77). Considered an URM, though I know graduate programs do not look at this in the same way as law schools, for example. GRE: 162Q/165V/4.5W. My quantitative work is basic, just general math/statistics courses. Research assistant for 2 years, working on immigration/American politics. Summer full-time research opportunity, focusing on immigration. 3 solid LORs form faculty within my field of interest. My resume also contains various congressional internships, non-profit internships, honors societies, leadership positions in student organizations, etc.
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