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Getting published in a journal as an MSW Candidate?

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Hi folks!  I recently sent in my deposit for an MSW program.  My school does have a Social Work Review (kind of like a peer-reviewed journal), though I presume getting on it is a competitive process.  Have any current/former MSW candidates gotten published?  Is it something that has helped you out career-wise or stood out on your resume?  I'd appreciate any perspectives!  

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Congrats on your admission. So I didn't attempt to publish during my MSW but have hired MSWs for internships as well as real positions. Freshly-minted MSWs are in a tough position when they enter the job market. They don't have a lot of experience or skills, usually, and it is hard to differentiate one from another. Essentially, new MSWs are commodities. In discussions with other managers, we talk about how we make hiring decisions for entry-level positions. We all came to similar conclusions in that we look for indications that the candidate has gone above and beyond. Publications, presentations, serious volunteer work, awards, work experience are some of the indicators that set candidates apart from their peers. 

I recommend any MSW student create a plan before they even start to have a certain amount of extracurricular activities on their schedule. Try to use extracurriculars to craft a trajectory that aligns with professional goals. 

The hardest job for a social worker is her first job. Give yourself options by being an all-star.

Just by asking this question months before the start of your program indicates to me that you have the attitudes that are necessary to be successful. message me if you have any other questions or want to bounce some ideas around.

Be awesome,


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