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Grades / GPA question

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Hi there, probably the most annoying question possible coming your way. 

I was wondering what the collective mind thought of one "bad" grade on a MA transcript? In short, I took a really hard class outside of my focus and got a B+. Was a super interesting learning experience I just wish the grade reflected that. The rest of my grades are A's with a couple of A-. Overall my GPA should stand at about 3.9~ by the end of my program. 

So, will this kill a political science PhD application? I am of course thinking top 10/20

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Absolutely not. Plenty of ppl have gotten into top 10 programs with lower GPA’s than that. The only way it could potentially have a negative impact is if you want to be a quant methodologist or an Americanist and you have a lot of B’s and B+’s in all the math classes you took. Other than that, ur gonna be fine. Most ppl would kill to have a 3.9 gpa 

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