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2019 MPP: HKS v. GSPP

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Hi all,

I'm in an extremely lucky position of getting to decide between GSPP and HKS for an MPP starting in Fall 2019 (hope many of you all are as well). If funding weren't an issue, which would you choose? What are the major factors you would consider?

As context, I'm a native Californian and am interested in local/state government policy creation/implementation. I anticipate winding up in CA long-term, but wouldn't mind a short break back east.

It's hard to know exactly what questions to ask or what aspects of each school I should weigh in making this decision, so all comments and thoughts are appreciated.


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Hi! Congrats! Some of this depends on your career goals, e.g. are you interested in politics or running for public office? The HKS network and platform would be probably the best spring board. I know someone who was also choosing between these programs a few years ago and ultimately opted for HKS, even with debt. She said that in retrospect, she thinks her career trajectory would have looked pretty similar (education policy), but that the HKS network and brand has more readily opened doors for her and expanded her network in the political sphere. That said, I'm a firm believer that there's no one path to get where you want to go -- just some paths that are more linear.

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