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University fellowship nominations?


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Hey everyone, 

One of the schools I applied to let me know I was nominated for a university-wide fellowship, but wouldn't know if I got it for another week and a half. I checked on their website, and it seems like there are dozens of awardees, in past years sometimes up to 3 from English. This leads me to wonder...Has anyone been told they were nominated for a university-wide fellowship and not gotten it?*

I know I'll find out soon enough, but this school is my top choice and this would really make a big difference! 

*Edit: I ask because it seems like a weird, strange thing to tell someone they're up for something if you're not pretty sure they'll get it... But, who knows?

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I was nominated for a fellowship/award for my graduate school in my admission letter to my top choice schoo.  It gave a lot of specific details about what that award entails, then the paragraph ends saying decision will be announced mid to late March.  I wondered the same thing...why mention it in the letter until a decision had been made?  I also looked at the award page on the university site and saw that five people from each department can be nominated.  However, I can't see find out how many people actually get the award.

I did get the fellowship I applied for, but this one has a significantly bigger stipend so I'm really hoping I get it.  

Sorry if this post has no usable information for you...just wanted to commiserate!

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I got a university fellowship at my top choice and I know 400 people across all the depts were nominated and 250 received it. That being I had no idea I had been nominated until after I got it so maybe the rates of acceptance are lower at this university. I guess each university is different. 

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I was nominated for a very good university fellowship two years ago. I found this out from the director of graduate studies at the time, but it turned out that I didn't get it. The department nominated 3 people and the other two both got it. It was a highly competitive fellowship though. I personally think it's odd to tell an acceptee they were nominated before knowing the outcome, but that's just me.

Anyway, I would put it out of mind until you know for sure.

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