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Turning down an offer after accepting it

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Hi all, 

I recently officially accepted an offer from a program based on its funding package. However, thinking more about it, I feel like I’d better go to another program with (much) better research fit. 


I’ve heard that it is possible to turn down an offer after accepting it, but I would have to take a moral responsibility for the decision. 


Does anyone know how much it will hurt me if I change my mind? 


Many thanks,

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It is absolutely bad form but please don't commit 5-7 years of your life to your second choice program because you felt bad about backing out. Think hard and make sure this is what you want. If it is, email the DGS and let them know you've had a change of mind and would like to go to a different program.

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Agree with above, especially as it isn't even April 15 yet.  Plenty of people turn down previously accepted offers after April 15 upon getting off the waitlist at programs they prefer more, so this shouldn't be a big issue.  You're the one committing five or more years of your life to a program, so make sure you don't have any misgivings about attending the right program.  

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