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Need help! MFA Illustration program, SCAD or Syracuse???


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Hi guys, I'm an environmental design student from China.

I applyed for Illustraiton MFA program and was accepted by SCAD (Atlanta campus) and Syracuse University. (I was rejected by SVA and on the waiting list of MICA)

SCAD offered me $8000 per year as scholarship and Syracuse offered a 30% tuition scholarship. (which is also about $8000 per year)

My goal is become a freelance illustrator and I really hope I can develop my personal voice and enhance my skills during the graduate porgram. I'm not sure which school to choose and there's not much imformation on the internet. Does anyone have any advice? I will be very grateful if you guys can help me. (Sorry for my bad English)

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I also have been accepted by these two this year! Which school did you go? And do you know the difference between Atlanta campus and Savannah campus in SCAD? Which one is better for an illustration MFA student? I am also a Chinese student, so do you mind to add my WeChat? My WeChat ID is xiaoxuxu0313. Thank you so much

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