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UCLA vs UCSD vs TAMU for RFIC, Bioelectronics


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Hello everyone! I got an admit for MS in EE into UCLA, UCSD and TAMU. I want to major in RFIC (if I do a PhD: would want something where I can find it's applications in the Medical domain) and am confused which school to choose. Right now I'm aiming for the terminal Masters program but didint want to shut the door on a PhD completely. I am hoping to petition and switch to a PhD program if I end up liking the lab, advisor, peer group and research work after I join the MS program. But for now these are some of the pros and cons I could find . 


Pros: Better ranked than all of the other three and thus a better name If I end with a Master's degree. Amazing professors in RF like Razavi, Abidi and a ton of other such folks

Cons: Follows the quarter system which makes the coursework really hectic(?). Also  nearly 2-2.5x more expensive than TAMU



Pros: Again amazing research in RF, Qualcomm which is one of the biggest in RF has a whole research institute in the campus, and who doesn't Sandiego as a city, right?

Cons: Very little to no scope of funding for MS students, Also follows the quarter system and is also nearly 2-2.5x more expensive than TAMU



Pros: Really couldn't find a lot here, but from whatever I heard the coursework in Analog and RF is really good (?) 

Cons: Really cheap and also has the possibility of getting funding -might even graduate debt free (maybe an overstatement ?)-


From my rudimentary analysis it looks like the choice is between UCLA and UCSD only

But any suggestions, inputs or comments will be of great help!



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