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Msw Stanislaus 2019


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Yes, personal email. Check spam or log in with a computer. My friend also didn't get anything because it went to spam. She had to check on a desktop. 

I got it yesterday but they might continue on Monday? I got it...near 4pm. 

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I got my acceptance email for the 2 year on-campus program May 10. Does anyone know how the reputation of this program compares to Fresno's? I got into both and I'm having a hard time deciding...

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So they haven’t even finished sending out acceptances. They said they’ve had a large number of applicants this year so they’re just going down the list. They said first they’re sending out acceptances, and then once they’re done they’ll send out people on waitlists, and the rejects will be probably during the summer. Since it’s their first time doing this online,  it’s taking a lot longer than expected. So there’s still hope.

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