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  1. I declined my offer, hope that helps!
  2. I was offered admissions today.
  3. @Socialwork2019fall That's great! Congratulations!!! 😊 If you don't mind me asking, when did you submit your application?
  4. I haven't heard anything yet.
  5. Hey @Mmarquez28 ! I also applied to SJSU’s MSW program. When did you submit your application? I literally submitted mine the last day 😬
  6. @BriettnyMSW? @EmilyMSWPlz When did you get your email?
  7. I was waitlisted as well. Do you know how many people they waitlisted?
  8. I received an email yesterday that I have been waitlisted, so the waiting game continues for me ? I wonder how many people they waitlist...?
  9. Congratulations! I might have missed it but when did you submit your application?
  10. Hi all, when you guys say you turned in your application by a certain date is that the date your application was considered complete? (Including all transcripts and letters of recommendation or just the application itself?) I submitted my online application a week before the deadline for the on-campus program. I haven't heard anything and that makes me nervous.
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