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Columbia - Are you waiting too?


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Greetings to all.. the happy, the rejected, and the anxious.

Those who heard back - did you find out about your status visiting the admissions.columbia.edu website (using your application number that looks like C09349394) ??


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I haven't and it's nice to see I'm not the only one.

i haven't gotten my package either...i spoke to someone in the admissions office and they told me we should be receiving it this week.

for those admitted students, is anyone going to the open house weekend march 30-april 1?

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Everyone should have just now gotten an email informing us to expect the Fed Ex letter this week.

And I'll definitely be at the open house weekend.

yeah i got that email yesterday too....i am sitting here at work counting down the hours until i can leave, so i can rush home and await my package!

i am also going to the open house weekend....i guess i will see you there! what subfield are you? i'm IR

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