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PhD (Health Policy) after JD

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2013 T10 law grad here.  I've been working as a litigator at a "biglaw" firm for the past ~6 years and do primarily health-adjacent litigation.  I am thinking of transitioning to part-time and applying to a part-time Ph.D. program in health policy.  Anyone else in similar shoes?  Anyone have any ideas whether part-time Ph.D. and part-time biglaw are compatible?  Any idea whether this combination of experience would actually be a good combo, post-graduation?  Any insight appreciated!

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My son is in the MPH program at UNC. He graduated from UNC law and passed the bar about a year ago but hasn't practiced law. His hope is to have a career in the healthcare/hospital administration. If you look at the educational background of a lot of the top hospital and health care CEOs many have a JD. You would think having a legal background would be a huge plus in any career that deals with the business of healthcare.


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