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I have a question at this late juncture about Sociology program rankings. This should perhaps be obvious, but from what I've seen, there is GREAT variation in the different lists, and of course it differs greatly from undergrad to PhD... which are the lists or ranking websites that you all deem the most reliable / actually represent the popular opinion of top programs? (I'm talking top 30/40, not just top 5 or 10).

Thanks and best of luck as many of you enter new programs, to those of you who are making final decisions, and especially to those navigating whether to re-apply! May the force be with you all.

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For Sociology, people generally refer to the USNew's rankings of Sociology programs. Per U.S. News methodology, Sociology's response rate was 33 percent. By contrast, the response rate for Criminal Justice programs was 90 percent. Rankings were based solely on the impressions of department heads and director of graduate studies that responded to the survey.

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