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Is 5 courses enough to show an improvement?


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I graduated college with a 3.3 GPA (Physics major) two years ago. This Fall I plan on applying to PhD’s in computational and theoretical neuroscience. In the years since I graduated I’ve been performing research and taking courses as a postbac at the NIH over 2 years with a 4.0 GPA. But it’s only 5 courses. (It’s hard to take many courses while working full-time.)


Is this enough to show an improvement? 

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It's more than enough. Honestly, it's unnecessary. A 3.3 is just fine. Aside from improving your GPA, though, it'll be good if you can prove that you have an understanding of biology/neuroscience, so it's good if the classes you took were in that realm.

There's someone in my neuro grad program with a physics BS and I think a 3.1 GPA who spent 2 years working as a programmer for a physics thing and is now doing computational neuro.

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