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who is paying for your trip ? Need answer For PhD student

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I have been admitted to PhD  and I have been offered Teaching assistantship plus fee waiver.  On My I-20 it is mentioned that expenses for 9 months: $45000 and funds for 9 months : assistantship and fee waiver: $46129.  After that I will join a research group and will be offered research assistanship.

 Now filling DS-160 form. I got confused that what choose among:  1)self  2)other person 3) organization/company for the query who is paying for your trip ?

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Well it seems like what the question is asking is in regards to the cost of your trip are you covering that yourself (#1), is someone else covering it such as a family member (#2), or is an organization/company covering it such as the University you'll be attending (#3).  Has your PhD program mentioned anything about helping you with travel costs?  If this isn't part of your funding then they are expecting you to go with option 1 or 2.

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Typically is the organization, because you will receiving money from them (in all the multiple forms that you mentioned). Check with your International Student Office, though. 

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