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Can you apply for PhD I-O Psychology with non-psychology background?



Hey everyone!


I am an International applicant with a non-US Masters. I have an undergrad degree in Business with an MBA. 

However, my research interest and work has been related to I-O Psychology. I wanted to know if I am eligible to apply for PhD in I-O Psychology after an MBA degree?

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Look at the schools you're interested in applying to and see what they say about prerequisites! Most schools are pretty clear about saying what kinds of backgrounds they look for! And if they have a few specific courses they want you to have done, that's definitely something you can take care of without getting another degree.

And then just make it clear in your statements how your experience relates to and prepares you for what you want to do in the future.

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One thing I picked up on in interviews and visits this year is that there are a lot of schools that you don't need a psych background to apply, however, psych applicants generally have MUCH more research experience than non-psych backgrounds just due to the nature of how most psych grad programs require more than other degrees. This may not be an issue for you, but just be aware of that! Most of the applicants I interviewed with had posters, 1-2 years research experience in labs, and other applied research experience. Other things may make up for it though! Good luck!!

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