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[New York] Christie's Education or Sotheby's Institute ?


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[New York]

"Christie's Education" or "Sotheby's Institute ?" 

I've been accepted to both schools for the  Master's program, and I'd like to have some opinions on this.

I know that Sotheby's accept more students per year, and Christie's seems to be more selective and accept only 25 students, so there's a difference in size of the class. 

However they offer such similar courses, I really can't decide. 

If you have any opinions on this I'd appreciate it. Thanks. 


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I think you need to do more research on these programs and get a sense of the tangible outcomes, the instructors/professors, and alumni placement. I really don't know much about either program, but my impression is that they are very similar to the San Francisco culinary school I attended for six months after undergrad. After the first three months, I had the sinking feeling that the school was focused more on making money from people who were not perhaps savvy enough to do their research. Despite the school closing a few years ago, I have a crap load of loans related to my short stint there. I suggest that you do your due diligence before committing to any program that is not within a traditional academic setting. Again, I have heard virtually nothing about either program so I could be very, very wrong. In that case, I'd love to hear more from others in the forum. 

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I would find out if there are tensions between the career paths of a graduate of either program and the practice of art history in the Ivory Tower. Will a degree from profit seeking institutions close doors in the academic world?

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