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  1. hey which department and which internship did you apply for ? congrats ! i applied for the Abu dhabi curatorial summer internship, and i haven't heard back from them.
  2. Hello, I've applied for summer internship t Guggenheim in new york, I was wondering where I can find the result date on the website ? Thanks !
  3. [New York] "Christie's Education" or "Sotheby's Institute ?" I've been accepted to both schools for the Master's program, and I'd like to have some opinions on this. I know that Sotheby's accept more students per year, and Christie's seems to be more selective and accept only 25 students, so there's a difference in size of the class. However they offer such similar courses, I really can't decide. If you have any opinions on this I'd appreciate it. Thanks.
  4. [New York] MA Art Business at Christie's Education vs Sotheby's Institute of Art I've been accepted to both school, I've visited both schools, and both schools offer such similar curriculum. So I'd like to decide base upon the "reputation" of schools. I'd like to know which school is more difficult to get into, and is seen to be more prestigious in New York.
  5. Hi I was wondering which school you have decided to attend for MA degree... ?
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