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Need valuable suggestions/profile evaluation.



Hey everyone!


First, a little about my background: I am from a middle-class family in developing country (Pakistan). However, I am extremely ambitious. Contrary to the norm, I completed my MBA from a top-ranked institute in my country.


I have a bachelors and masters degree in business (Marketing).

3.41 CGPA in MBA

302 GRE Score (150Q, 152V, 4.5 AWA)

2.5 to 3 years of marketing / research experience

2 thesis projects on marketing (not published yet)


Now, I am extremely motivated to do my PhD in Marketing from US. However, I am unable to find a program relevant to my profile. I have GRE score which needs improvement but I don't think my current circumstances will allow me to retake the GRE as my job is too demanding and I can't afford to leave it. 

Instead, please help me find universities/programs that are less competitive and can be within reach with the current profile.




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Let me preface by stating that marketing is not my field ( I studied pure finance and computer science previously) and so I am not in a position to advise you as to Universities. However,  I could comment on your profile. Your GRE score is on the lower side and GPA is neutral. However, you do have relevant experience for a significant amount of time and some research output (theses). These and letters of recommendations would count for more than your GRE. Your GRE could count against you and I would strongly recommend you retaking it if possible because business schools have a higher probability of taking them more seriously than a most PhD programs. However, even top schools are keenly aware of difficulties in developing countries and have diversity objectives. As a working woman from Pakistan, you may have a decent chance at a good school, maybe even financial aid. I know of Harvard MBA admissions with GMAT scores below 650. If there are adverse circumstances in play, GRE/GMAT scores become even less important than usual. Go for schools you think are in line with your scores but also apply to higher ranked schools that are less quantitatively inclined (not John Hopkins for instance). You may have a chance. Best of luck.  

P.S: In the Cornell policy program I graduated from, I know that there were students with scores around what you have. Mine was 337 in one attempt. I am going to apply for PhD this year with the same score, though in STEM.

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