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Is Anyone in a Low-Residency MFA in Creative Writing Program?


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I've been accepted into the MFA in Creative Writing at Oregon State University. (yay!)

It is their Low-Residency program, so mostly online, which means they don't offer much funding, since I can't be a TA.

I'm also applying to Anticoh and UC Riverside Low-Res. 

I am having a hard time locating funding for such a specific situation.

I'm Latina, first-generation graduate, their must be something out their for me, right?? Please help! 

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I've just been accepted into a Low-Residency MFA in Creative Writing program at Oregon State. 

It's great in theory, because I can spend most of the year working from home, while keeping my full time job, and then visit Oregon twice a year for intensive workshops. 

However, the FUNDING! Because it's not a traditional program, I can't be grad assistant or TA, there's next to no funding for it :( 

Also, I'm not in a traditional classroom setting every day, like I was used to in undergrad. 

Has anyone done this kind of program? Are you satisfied? How are you funding it? 

I'm applying to other universities too, so maybe they'll have better financial options, but the director of the Oregon program didn't make me feel hopeful.... 

Now I'm rethinking everything! 

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