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Am I on the right track to apply for Stats masters?

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Undergrad Institution: Private liberal arts university in Texas
Major(s): Biology
GPA: 3.37
Type of Student: Domestic, URM, Female

GRE General Test: Have not taken yet 
Programs Applying: Masters in Statistics or Biostatistics
Research Experience: Led my own research study on vertebrate reproductive physiology, never published but data collected has been used on several published papers. 

Awards/Honors/Recognitions: 3 grants awarded from three different academic societies, presented at  11 conferences (2 awards), published in an undergraduate research journal (JSOURCE).

Pertinent Activities or Jobs:  Worked in a hospital pathology lab for 3 years after graduation because I thought I wanted to be a physician (hated it) and am now working in accounting and business. Do some light analysis using Power BI and excel for company.
Letters of Recommendation: Going to ask my former Statistics prof who is also the dean of department, my former research adviser and one of the pathologists I worked with at hospital. 
Math/Statistics Grades: Calculus (B) Stats (B+). Plan on taking remaining pre-reqs. Have already signed up for Calc II and intro to programming. 

Any Miscellaneous Points that Might Help: Do a lot of volunteering. Am teaching my self to code leading up to applying. 
Concerns!-  I am new to this field and want to know if I am a good candidate (since my GPA is not awesome) before I totally invest myself in taking all the remaining math prerequisites I need to apply.
I have not idea where to find good applicant acceptance stats and have no idea what schools would be a good fit for me. 
Also, will taking the following courses be sufficient to apply (Calc II, Calc III, linear algebra and intro to programming)? I took a lot of chemistry and physics in college so I think I have a good math foundation. 
If I transition into working as a business analyst will this be helpful/ look good on application?
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