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Searching For Fellow Students Interested In Collaborative Project

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I am searching for fellow political science/social science students who are interested in a collaborative studies project. This is not for any class or course of study, merely a brain child that I have come up with. I am interested in the understanding of how to properly predict election results through the understanding of political, societal, economic, and other related factors. This idea is related to a concept that I had in which if the baselines of these factors in our current society can be established and consequently related to already existing theories related to these subjects in a broad scale, it would be possible to create a system of thought in which where we apply current variables (i.e. current political candidates, party policy, social consensus, etc.) in which we could, in theory, accurately predict the results of elections. If you are interested at all please feel free to reply or contact me. On the off chance (and in the highly likely event) that someone has already come up with a similar idea, if you could direct me to where I can view said studies I would appreciate it. Thank you.

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@BunniesInSpace & @amyvt98 


thank you both for your replies. I've taken the liberty of checking both of the links that you both provided and they had particularly interesting points individually, however what I was thinking would be more along the lines it combining both of those sources and adding a bit more (in the way of applying political theory and sociology) in order to make those particular calculations or predictions a tad more reliable/accurate. If you’re both interested in collaborating on such an endeavor please feel free to reach out.

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