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Mentioning about Depression in SOP



I used to be a meritorious student when in school as a reason why I got admission in a top University but during the first two years of college I couldn't perform well at all because of my depression and personal reasons . Though I did improve after that , my university changed the regulation for my batch during my 3rd semester and that eventually led to the fall in grades of 90% of the students with us getting backlogs as well. And my bad luck I also got dengue during final exams which resulted in me not scoring well again in my 5th semester. Also I never really had any liking towards the major I had chosen in my UG because I chose it under my parents compulsion . But apart from this  I do have internship experiences and I'm an active participant in multiple organisations In my colleges. And moreover the Ms course I'm planning to apply to is related to the business management side  while my UG was in electronics. So while applying for universities should I mention the above reasons in my SOP for the fall in my grades? I have read threads about mentioning about Depression but the answers are always confusing. 

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I'm gonna repeat good advice here and say that, unless it's directly relevant to your grad school program/field of study, limit talking about your personal life or making excuses for grades in your SOP as much as possible. Your SOP should highlight your qualifications, your motivations, and your ability to contribute something of value. Unlike an undergrad application essay, there should be a lot more "statement" than "personal". If your grades weren't great, focus on your internships and your individual skills.

Even though it shouldn't, in a worst case scenario discussing poor mental health can make you seem unreliable and a potential risk to the reviewing committee. It's unfair, but the system does discriminate. Let your application speak for itself. If you feel like something stands out so much you have to explain it, keep it brief.

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