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Wishes to work abroad


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I've not made a topic before, and I can't find anything here on this topic - so hopefully this is the right spot!

Is anyone familiar with the process of a U.S. trained clinical psychologist (i.e., someone who received their doctorate degree in clinical psychology from an APA accredited program) moving to work in Europe, either in academia or in practice? 

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different countries have different accreditations for clinical psychology. APA does not necessarily allow you to practice in other countries (i.e., APA does not allow you to practice in a bunch of European countries that I know of), also check official registration requirements to be able to even use the title of (clinical) psychologists - these are often protected titles. In many countries 'coach' is not a protected title though. Academia maybe, but depends on your credentials of course. 


You could start here to look for requirements (when in English)


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