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  1. I've not made a topic before, and I can't find anything here on this topic - so hopefully this is the right spot! Is anyone familiar with the process of a U.S. trained clinical psychologist (i.e., someone who received their doctorate degree in clinical psychology from an APA accredited program) moving to work in Europe, either in academia or in practice?
  2. Did you interview? I'd say if you did not interview, then you could safely presume rejection. However - if you interviewed, congratulations and hopefully they'll reach out soon! So stressful!
  3. To the Harvard clinical psychology poster, do you mind DMing your PoI initials? Congrats!
  4. Hi all, I need advice. I am supposed to stay overnight with a graduate student today into tomorrow before the interview. The graduate student just let me know that she is sick. I have a very weak immune system and cannot afford to get sick, as when I do it typically evolves into hospitalization-needed sickness. Is there a nice way to back out of staying with her and grab a hotel? Is it too short of notice? Will this offend her or look bad to the program? Should I just suck it up and hope I don’t get sick? Heeelllppp!!
  5. CBT is a typically considered technique or a perspective in therapy that you can become trained and competent in. If you'd like to become a licensed and practicing therapist and use that perspective, there are a few different options. This is a pretty nice article that outlines some routes you can take to achieve your goal, depending on what you're interested in. You do not need an undergraduate degree in psychology to pursue this goal, but you will need to get a higher mental health-related degree (such as a PhD, a MSW, LMHC, or LPCC).
  6. Was this for Boston University's clinical psychology program? If so... hmmm, this is really interesting news. It was my understanding that all clinical psychology interview invites had been sent to chosen applicants around the end of January. Did you hear from your POIs or the DCT? I am trying to decide whether I should get my hopes back up or not for a chance at my dream school. *side note... sorry for the ungodly amount of questions here... BU is my top pick!
  7. Not necessary, but is it common, especially for clinical psychology programs. Of all of my interviews thus far, only one individual did not wear a suit jacket or blazer. I think it is SO IMPORTANT to wear whatever you're most comfortable in and feel your best in... but I will say that the one individual who did not wear a blazer definitely looked a bit out of place sitting next to those of us who wore a blazer.
  8. I'd always recommend meeting with other professors. I don't think your POI would feel slighted at all; it's actually common for applicants to meet with many faculty members during interviews. If you're worried about your POI taking it offensively (though they should not), you can always phrase it as forward to speaking with other faculty to better help shape your understanding of the program and program culture by hearing different perspectives. It's also nice to hear about other novel work being produced there.
  9. I don't think that was bad at all! Most Skype interviews seem to be around 30 minutes or so in length. Most in-person interviews don't last much longer than that, either (typically, you are in multiple short interviews throughout the day, spending about 30 mins to an hour each with various professionals). You're fine, don't stress.
  10. This happened to me on my first ever application round. All I can say is: SLEEP! If possible, take off work or other responsibilities to get some good rest. That will make or break if you get better. Try not to stress. I'd highly recommend you go see a doctor/hit up urgent care to get some medication (I wish I was able to do this when it happened to me. Z-Packs -as bad as they are for antibiotic immunity and as much as I hate relying on medication - are true lifesavers. My cold came on around 1am the night before the interview, so, I unfortunately did not have time/it would not have made
  11. Keep me updated if you hear anything! It's been crickets for me, as well. They originally said we would hear back ~sometime~ after the 15th of January but that has long since passed!
  12. @ UT Austin poster... congrats! If you feel comfortable, please email POI!
  13. I believe UNCG has finished extending their invites
  14. Thank you so much for the response, and congratulations again to your friend!
  15. Does your friend feel comfortable sharing POI initials? I am dying with anxiety over here!! Congratulations to your friend, regardless!
  16. For the Boston U poster - congratulations! If you do not mind sharing your POI, please PM me!
  17. I'm not sure... Did you apply for the clinical track? Could the email have possibly been sent to your spam or junk folder? The email was from the assistant director of the clinical program, sent on December 1st. She also sent a follow-up mass email on December 11th to assure applicants that the committee had not started reviewing applications still at that point in time, but that every single application would be reviewed.
  18. For UMass Boston's clinical psychology program, their email blast stated that invited interviewees will receive a phone call or an email "after January 15th". They were delayed this year due to a new applicant interface that caused issued with uploading documents/submitting recommendation letter links.
  19. To the individual on the Results page with an Emory clinical psychology invite - congratulations! If you see this and feel comfortable sharing your POI, please let me know! I'm dyin' over here!
  20. It's similar to a portfolio - it's a nice, thick case which typically holds a legal pad/notepad, pens, other papers. In my experience, padfolios seem to have more pockets and room to hold things (like pens, calculators, snacks...) than a portfolio.
  21. I plan on bringing a large-ish black leather tote. I'll carry my padfolio with copies of my CV, pens, water, some snacks, tissues, phone charger, ibuprofen & deodorant! I think if your large tote/messenger bag/laptop bag is clean, not damaged or garrishly colored, it shouldn't be a big deal either way. I have seen people bring nice, clean muted-colored backpacks before (this is an especially understandable option for individuals who may not want to use a tote bag our purse) and no one seemed to care.
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