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MSW Programs Fall 2020

Claire D


Hi! I am applying to MSW programs for Fall 2020. I have been trying to look into what I need to be a good candidate for these programs. I was hoping those who have been accepted to programs could give me some insight to what they had when applying to these schools. 


My info-


GRE- not taking

Volunteer experience- Director and President of an organization raising money and awareness for childhood cancer (3 years). Planned and coordinated my university’s Suicide Awareness event, was my sororities Philanthropy and Service director, volunteered at a school for 2 years with children who have special needs. 

Goals- I want to be a Pediatric Oncology Social worker.


if anyone has recommendations for good programs that would also be super helpful!

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Hi Claire! I'm not in an MSW program but dated someone who went to Smith SSW and was planning to go into social work for a few years (and therefore did all of the research I could to figure out where to apply, my odds of getting in, etc.). I would say that you would be considered a strong applicant; your GPA matters but social work programs really just want to see consistency and commitment to the field, which you have, and the hard and soft skills to succeed as a social worker; this means using your application and any interviews as an opportunity to highlight your clinical intuition, boundary-setting, communication and mediation skills, and ability to problem-solve and advocate for others. As for recommendations, I know that Simmons has a really strong focus on youth-specific work, particularly educational social work, and UPenn actually has an oncology social work focus, although their program is wayyyy expensive and probably not worth the money (you're leaving with a social work degree, after all, not an MBA, so be realistic about what you can pay back). Either way, I wouldn't sweat it, just make sure you get some great letters of rec and have a strong essay!

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