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Conference Travel: How do I pay for this??


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Hi all. I'm hoping to present at ISDP this October but am really struggling to come up with funds. I'm a post-bacc lab manager so I'm not eligible for some of the student awards. Does anyone know if any travel funding I might look into applying for?



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I don't know about your field or conference specifically, but some conferences offer Early Career Professional registration rates or travel grants for recent graduates. Otherwise, ask about other ECP benefits like shared hotel rooms or hotel waivers in exchange for volunteering at the conference (e.g., working the check-in table for a few hours).

I assume you've asked your PI if they have any funding available? Is the work you are presenting funded by a grant or agency that may have funds marked for travel and presentation? If you have other coauthors on your poster/presentation who may have these funds available, it might not hurt to ask them as well.

In terms of external funding, I have heard that local community groups like Kiwanis will sometimes give out money for this kind of thing, if you ask, but I haven't pursued that route. Good luck!

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Are you part of any professional organizations in your field of study?  Sometimes those associations have small travel stipends for students/recent grads who want to present at conferences.  If you end up paying out of pocket then also look into Airbnb for cheaper housing options and Megabus, which can be cheaper than airfare/driving.

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