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  1. This is my second time. I applied my senior year of college. I didn't expect to get in, but wanted the practice and wanted to use the resources I had available to me while I was still in school. I applied to four programs and was accepted into the Masters for one, waitlisted for an interview at another, and accepted in the third. Ultimately, I turned down my offer of admission on the grounds of the school being non-funded. I personally believe what held me back was lack of experience. I'm applying now after doing a post-bacc for the past year and a half and am applying with a much stronger resume. Fingers crossed!
  2. Exactly. In my original post I was only trying to set the OP up for success. It's not to say that you CAN'T get into a program with lower GRE scores, but it certainly helps if your scores are closer to the median of applicants. I don't think people on this forum are malicious. We're all hoping for success and helping each other get there. When people comment on GRE scores or give suggestions on how to improve them, I like to think it's because we want eachother to get in not because we want to tell people to give up.
  3. If you check the "Student Admissions, Outcomes, and Other Data" is usually has the average GRE scores for that program
  4. I would like to say that in no way did I assume the OP didn't study or try and I certainly didn't say that. I also did not say that they wouldn't get in to their chosen school. OP asked for help and GRE tips and I gave suggestions. I actually in no way attempted to answer the question of "are those scores good enough to get in" Personally, I worked my a** off the first time I took it and didn't get great scores. And then, after doing my suggestions of magoosh, making it a priority, studying every single day, I got them up. I was sharing what worked for me. Congrats on your resume, it sounds like you've worked very hard and I wish you well in your application process.
  5. It was Nova Southeastern University. I didn't accept because it's a non-funded program. I was only applying to get experience prior to applying to primarily R1 schools this cycle
  6. Definitely! I've already had an hour phone call with one of my potential mentors. But I've also gotten into schools on a previous cycle in which I didn't meet or talk to anyone until interview day. Everything is unique in this process.
  7. Okay so somehow this fell off my radar... No judgement, but were we supposed to be applying for fellowships and funding PRIOR to applying to schools? Are there any funding sources that hasn't closed applications?
  8. I am in a very similar position. I am on my second year as a lab manager in a developmental psyc lab with three graduate students and 18 undergrads. I empathize with you in terms of feeling like research is impossible with your lab manager duties. That said I have gotten on a paper, have had a first-author poster at APS, first-author poster at ISDP, and second-author posters at ISDP, FLUX, and CDS. I've also mentored two undergraduate posters. I say this not to brag but show that it can be done. I'm going to give you some tough love, so bear with me. This is a lesson I learned early in my position, and it sucked BUT, you're paid to run a lab not fill your resume. So doing your job duties has to come first and sometimes that might mean that research comes on your time off. It's not fun but I've sat at home until two in the morning making my posters after a full day of work. At the end of the day, if publications and posters are what you want then make it a professional AND personal priority! Also, I've found it extremely helpful to be upfront with your PI. Honesty is the best policy. Sit down with your PI and let him/her know that while you love running a lab, you would also love to be able to use these two years to learn and grow as a researcher while boosting your resume. Ask if you can use lab data, if there are any upcoming papers or projects you can help with, if he/she has any suggestions of conferences that might be good for you to attend. Look into serving as a mentor as well. Undergrads are usually incredibly eager for opportunities and would love to present at an undergrad research day or regional conference. However, they usually need help. If you serve as a mentor and help and undergraduate or two, you can put your name on their poster. My last tip is to get close with your grad students. Grad students are constantly working on research and they are familiar with the application process. They can be a valuable resource. Start getting along with them, asking them questions, talking through their research with them, working with them and see what opportunities come up.
  9. Hi all, For about the past 7-8 years, I have been active in the Miss America Organization. I held two titles as a teen and three as a miss. During my time, I raised money for children's miracle network, served as a spokesperson of two organizations, attended charity events, conducted toy drives, wrote articles about healthy dating, etc. Basically, I did a LOT of community service. I'm going back and forth, though, about if I want to include this on my CV. I have a friend who chose to include her titles when she applied and she did get in. However, in the past I did have a professor made a negative comment about my competing in pageantry. Does anyone have any thoughts on what I should do?
  10. How bad is it to go over the word limit on your personal statement? I'm at 544 right now for a school that requires 500.
  11. Get Magoosh, take the ETS practice tests, and make this your ONLY priority for the next month. You absolutely have to get your scores up and that comes with practice. You need to be studying every single day.
  12. Okay, here's a question: I'm in the process of sending those annoying "Are you accepting students" emails. Now, if a professor lists on the website that they're accepting students, do I still send them an email asking so that they know my name or does that make me come off like I can't read a website?
  13. Hi all. I'm hoping to present at ISDP this October but am really struggling to come up with funds. I'm a post-bacc lab manager so I'm not eligible for some of the student awards. Does anyone know if any travel funding I might look into applying for? Thanks!
  14. I believe Pace offers stipends but I doubt you'll have much luck finding any Psy.D's that are fully funded.
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