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Undergrad Student with low GPA

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Hi everyone!
I'm about to graduate from my undergrad but my GPA is not competitive whatsoever. I'll be lucky if I get out with a 3.0. I never had great study habits and feel like I basically threw all potential of getting into grad school away. With that being said, what would I do in this situation to have a chance in getting in next time I apply? I know what a post-bacc is but would I be able to do that since I graduated with a degree in communication sciences and disorders? Would I have to take courses at a state college or community college to help raise my GPA? Or would a better option be getting a masters in Health Sciences at a school in my hometown (the minimum gpa to apply is a 2.75), would that help me get into SLP grad school the next time I apply? 

I'm hoping there's some way that I can help myself to get into grad school because that is what I'm striving for, but I'm not quite sure on how to get there.

Any advice helps, and I really appreciate it! Thanks :)

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You probably wouldn't be able to do a post-bacc program. I believe they are for people with degrees in other fields. 

Chemeketa Community College in Oregon has an online SLPA program ($115/credit). Maybe can you do this, work as an SLPA for a year or two and then try to prove to a school that you are capable of becoming an SLP. 

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@cfou13  I’ve heard of people in your situation getting into masters programs for less competitive but adjacent majors (special ed., behav sciences, etc.), getting good grades, and through that, showing they can handle masters level work, improving their GPA, and of course, having a related masters degree on their resume. Expensive, time consuming, and a lot of work, but I’ve heard of people doing it. I would also retake any CDS classes you can that you got poor grades in.

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