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GRE tips needed


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I took the GRE twice before applying last cycle. My quant score was terrible both times despite feeling like I studied quite a bit. I'm considering taking the test again the first week of November but don't know if that would give me enough time to raise my score significantly. What helped you study for the GRE—especially the quant section? I don't know what is the most efficient use of my time/money. 

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I would take it sooner, like late October, because if you need the AW to be scored, you need time for it to process. Most apps are due December 1, meaning that early November may not allow a full turn around on your scores before you need to submit your materials to your schools. 


What was your Quant last time, and how many points are we looking to raise it? The best way, aside from classes, is to figure out the exact areas of quant weakness you have and study the heck out of those sections (I am talking practice sets at least 3-4 times a week until you take the exam, brushing up using google/youtube tutorials on those concepts, trying to teach the concepts to a friend/family member to cement your learning, etc.). 


I only took it once so I can't advise studying for a re-take, but knowing my quant in some areas (e.g., permutations/combinations, trig, etc.) was weaker than other areas allowed me to maximize my effort studying. 

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Good advice from Clinapp2017. 

Some paid resources I found helpful were:

  • Magoosh- I believe the 3-month subscription is decently priced ($139). Specifically for quant, I found the Magoosh questions (especially the Hard and Very Hard questions) to be much more difficult than those on the real GRE. So if you can drill practice questions in your areas of weakness, and watch the explanation videos for the questions you get wrong, this should help you raise your score significantly.
  • GRE Powerprep Plus: I found the simulated test environment and the ability to get an AWA score helpful. They also provide difficulty levels for each question and explanations for Quant questions. I consider this relatively expensive ($40 each) for the amount of content you get though. 

If I were to use these resources, I would do a Powerprep/Powerprep Plus (Pre-test), get a score, then drill quant questions on Magoosh, then do a second Powerprep test 1-2 weeks prior to the test (Post-test) ? but that's only for me. I don't know how much time/funds you have to commit to the GRE.


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