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Considering transferring - Looking for external funding/scholarships for science policy PhD (besides NSF GRFP)


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tldr; I'm looking for grants and scholarships large enough to fund at least a year of a particular PhD program. I already know about the GRFP but that's a long shot even under the best of circumstances, so I need other options. I'm a white male born in the US, so diversity scholarships are a no-go for me.

More detail: When applying for science policy PhD programs last year, I applied to Program A and Program B (plus others, but they're not relevant). Program A was my top choice by far and I had been in touch with a faculty member from there for a long time, so he knew I was interested. I really wanted to get in, so I spent months studying for the GRE and meticulously preparing my application. I also worked on an application for the NSF GRFP, but didn't submit it because I wasn't knowledgeable enough about what I'd research or how.

It got to early April, and while I'd been accepted to Program B (with full funding plus an extra campus scholarship) and rejected everywhere else, I hadn't heard from Program A. I called and found out that the professor I expected to work with simply hadn't received funding for any projects. If he had, I would have been first in line.  Program B, and the university overall, has a very good reputation and seemed like it had a lot to offer, so I figured there was no harm in going there.

However, now that I'm here, I've already encountered a variety of financial, cultural, geographical and even research issues that are giving me pause. (For example, I can't make student loan payments that will count toward my Public Service Loan Forgiveness at Program B, while I can at Program A. The campus of Program B is also big and sprawling, which I don't like, whereas that of Program A is much smaller and easier to navigate. Program A is much closer to my family, while I have to take a flight from Program B.) When I put them all together, I found myself seriously contemplating the idea of transferring. I got in touch with Program A again, and they told me I could reapply, but the professor still doesn't have any funding and doesn't know if he will. (I told him I'd be happy to work on projects with other professors as well, but since he already knows me I think he's my best bet.) Therefore, he suggested to apply for outside scholarships, but didn't have any good particular leads.

I've done some searching but the majority of school funding opportunities I've found appear to be for the hard sciences, whereas I'm interested in topics like telecommunications policy and innovation systems. The university of Program B does have a fellowships office, but I'm afraid if I tell them why I'm seeking these scholarships they won't support me. So I figured I'd come here to find out what other scholarships and fellowships might give me some additional financial flexibility.

Another question - less of a concern right now but still worth bringing up - is if I can successfully transfer, how I would handle the summer. I'd want to tell Program B I'm transferring with enough notice for them to admit someone else to replace me, but if they know I'm leaving they might be reluctant to sponsor me for any programs or other opportunities to keep me funded during the summer. For anyone who has successfully transferred, how did you go about this part?

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