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Advise for Phd applicant


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I'm an international who is currently on an F2 ( dependent) visa. I'm preparing to apply for a Phd program next year at my husband's university ( he is also a phd student). should I mention that I already live in the city, will it increase my chances of getting in? or will it make them think that I'm just applying because i live here and because it's convenient? Appreciate your advise.

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That information will already be available to them within the application, as usually you are requires to input your mailing address. I wouldn't spend any space in a statement of purpose or anything like that to mention this. It won't add or detract from your application. 

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I've heard that mentioning during interviews that you're significant other goes to the school and you are absolutely going to attend if admitted helps your chances. They like admitting people they know will accept so they don't waste slots. 

I don't think you should mention it in SOPs though. They won't offer you an interview because of it, they'll offer you an interview only if you're qualified. 

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