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2019/2020 "Less Competitive" Grad Schools

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There is a Fall 2014 thread for "Less Competitive" grad schools. I thought it was a good idea to start a new thread and hopefully it can be updated if there are changes. I live in CA which is one competitive states for grad programs. I wanted to see if there were applicants who were applying to the "less competitive" schools that are not part of the bigger programs. 

I know a lot of these schools are in the midwest and south are easier to get accepted to. 

Any one else out there applyig to less competitive programs?  What is your reason?

I am doing it because I have a low overall GPA and most of these schools look at your last 60 units GPA.

Let's get this going because I know there are others who can benefit from this thread. 

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Programs I applied to that I felt were less competitive were North Carolina Central University (big program size, strong program) and Edinboro University of Pennsylvania (offers GA positions to all accepted applicants) - both had acceptance rates closer to 40%. Although I didn't decide to go to either of those schools, I was happy to be accepted into them as they both have great programs!

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