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New Work Sample for New Cycle?

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Howdy y'all! 

Some of you may remember me from last cycle, where I was shut out. Admittedly, I went into the process a bit blind, and I believe this cycle I've done a lot better job of finding programs with better fit/match to my research interests. (I also feel like I know *how* to apply a bit better--last cycle I left all my graduate work in Education off my application thinking it would be irrelevant [I swear I'm not stupid, but...]). With exception of one program, I plan on applying to a completely new set of programs. Here is my current issue/question: 

Should I submit an entirely different work sample, or should I continue to focus on refining my SOP/Personal Statement?

My work sample, imo, is pretty solid. It's from my undergrad thesis, so it's been fairly thoroughly ripped and reworked by committee, and when considering it for these applications, I've had a new group look it over as well. 

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2 hours ago, vondafkossum said:

I suppose I'm a little wary of using something that wasn't successful last time. Perhaps I'm just overthinking it!

I suppose that's fair, but by your own admission the programs before weren't the best fits. I can understand feeling doubt, particularly in this situation, but I think a ws from a thesis would be better than submitting something else that might not have been as "thoroughly ripped". But that's just my two cents, and really I wouldn't know any better than you! Go with what you feel is best!

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