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Speech Resume for Grad School-- HELP!

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Hi guys!

Good luck to everyone on your applications! I am currently on a gap year, after graduating undergrad in SPR 2019. I am preparing to apply to graduate programs in the NY area including Queens, Molloy, LIU Brooklyn, Pace, Adelphi, NYU and Brooklyn College. I have a unique background, and I am struggling to build a cohesive resume. My GPA isn't the greatest (3.57), but I'm hoping my experience outweighs this a little. I have completed 35 observation hours in both the EI and school setting. I also had the opportunity to provide therapy in my college's speech, language and hearing center under the supervision of a clinical supervisor during my senior year. I accumulated 50 hours of treatment, and worked with 5 different clients. I also completed an undergraduate research project for my senior research class. My paper included two graduate assistants, and my professor, however, I was the main researcher. Over the summer, I was able to present this work at a speech and linguistics conference at a local college. I also have volunteer work at a special needs performing arts program, and worked as a teaching assistant at a nursery school. I have to retake my GRE because my math scores are BLAH. My question is how do I put my experience into a resume? And What are my chances? I'm  really nervous but I'm hoping for the best

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