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PLEASE HELP: Which GRE scores to send for Developmental Psych PhD?


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Hi all!

I am contemplating between two sets of GRE scores: V 159/Q 167/AW 3.5 vs. V 155/Q same/AW 4.0. I did NOT expect AW 3.5 for the first set and scheduled a second set asa I got the first scores but apparently I suck at writing stuff under 30 mins. 

- Undergrad GPA 3.5 from one of the most competitive schools

- 3 co-author publications, 1 first-author manuscript in progress (will submit the draft as academic writing sample), 5 first-author posters

- Extensive research experience from undergrad + 3yrs post-bacc in a psych lab

- 3 letter writers explicitly promised strong letters

I truly believe that my AW scores do not represent my writing skills. So I've initially considered sending the first set, hoping that my other materials will show beyond the AW scores. But I am now worried if the schools have "hidden" cut-off scores and will drop my application wo giving a proper review? All of the schools that I am applying to indicate that they have "no minimum or cut-off scores for GRE" but I am also hearing that the admissions committees still have some "hidden" cut-off scores in mind. What do you guys think? Which one should I submit?

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