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Fear of submitting application materials incorrectly?

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I just submitted my first of 14 applications yesterday, and I definitely have the impression that many things can go wrong during the application process. How does one cope with having to "make sure" that everything "looks" correct, and then having the courage to submit when it feels correct? I am sort of paranoid that I will be missing something, or not upload an important part that I needed. Especially when I am applying to so many schools, what did prior applicants here do? Just yolo it and hope for the best? I am obviously trying to prepare the best I can, but some of these interfaces are hard to navigate, and don't always match the specific program's requirements.

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I "rest" my materials, for lack of a better word. If possible, I write the essays, or fill out the forms, then leave it for a few days (or weeks), then come back and recheck them. I imagine there will probably always be a bit of nervousness and anxiety, but sometimes for me, being too close to my materials makes me more paranoid. If I leave them alone and revisit after a few days or weeks, and see it from a fresh perspective, sometimes I either have more confidence in what I've done or I have a clear idea of what I should change, or mistakes I've made. 

Keep in mind, I haven't submitted even 1 application yet. ?

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