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Does the reports on gradcafe mean that I am rejected?


When there are some reports that some got admissions from the same department of the same university and No email has been sent to me, does it mean that I am rejected?

Because there are some results on the page which I really want to be mine, I have felt the real anxiety these days. 

Also I want to know there are some effect on the admission-offer-date from the fact that I am an international student.

I haven’t had any faith and I have always worried about my parents who devote to their religion, but I started to stop by Catholic church everyday, since I can’t overcome this pressure alone.  A lot of things are up to the admission...


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Keep in mind 2 things --

1) Not all posts on the results page are genuine. There are instances when someone has posted something on the results page, without any confirmation of the same from any other source. So take any information that appears only in the results page (as opposed to some of the forum topics) with a whole bunch of salt.

2) Many universities have a rolling admission cycle, in which they take students in batches, so different students get admits at different points (being an international student could very well be a contributing factor here). 

Finally, even if you are convinced that all your options are over, not getting into grad school is not the end of the world. I know you'd be very devastated if that were to happen, and why not, but remember that most grad programs have a notoriously low percentage of acceptance, which means most people actually don't get in. There are many who learn from their mistakes the first time, and then apply again with all their experience, and also others who often find alternate career paths that are well suited for what they wanted to do anyway. Depending on your program, I am sure you will find many such students within the gradcafe community itself, who can help you out in realizing your options and not losing all the hope.  

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Search the results page for how the school did things in past years. This might give you some insight into whether they send decisions all at once or tend to send them in batches. Note that just because they did something previously, doesn't mean they will always do it that way.


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