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Am I paranoid or is this a rational fear?

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Nevermind, once I saw the unreasonable and dickish statement about not being able to delete posts I changed my mind. This place has really degenerated from the site it used to be. I suppose the administrators feel powerful though, which obviously is the important thing.

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I guess in the past there were people who would post their statements of purpose or their questions, receive feedback, then delete the posts so that no one else could benefit from them. So I guess the point of not allowing people to delete posts is that it prevents people from taking advantage of the advice offered on this site and then rendering all the thoughtful responses useless by deleting the initial post. It is pretty annoying though, as there have been times that I've wanted to edit a post quite a while after posting it, for the purposes of preserving my anonymity, and I haven't been able to do so. However, I think that the moderators are willing to delete certain posts if you explain to them why you want them deleted.

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