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  1. My mother has an unusual maiden name, which as far as I can tell will die out with her generation. Our family hasn't found anyone, even in the "Old Country," who has this name, and my only uncle has no children. It's a really weird name and it's sad to think of it dying out. It's also the kind of name people laugh at because it's weird and goofy. For a while I've wanted to give that name to my [future] children, with the idea that I and their father would keep our own names. Of course that would be a bit confusing, but the major obstacle seems to be that I can't imagine any man ever agreeing t
  2. This time is the best, I think. All the pros of being able to say "yeah, I'll be going to grad school at X University next year" without the con of having to work. I will have one month off this summer, during which I plan to spend every moment drunk.
  3. I would call them if I were you. This is an unacceptably long time to make someone wait for a decision, especially since they already said it would only be a week. In fact, since you were expecting a letter a couple weeks ago, it's entirely appropriate and not "pushy" at all to call them and say, "Hi, I was told to expect a letter a couple weeks ago but think it may have been lost in the mail because I have not received anything. Can you give me any information about my application?" UofT seems pretty minimalist in their contacting of applicants, so I wouldn't expect them to get back to you on
  4. I don't ever intend to change my name, because the idea of changing my own name halfway through my life just seems crazy, plus I really like my name and would be sad to give it up. Also, it would be so confusing. My mother went for the hyphenated name solution, which I think has turned out to be more hassle than it's worth because no one ever remembers the hyphenated name, but writes to her as one or the other, essentially leaving her with two interchangeable last names. If you are intent on changing your name when you marry, I suggest changing your name in your personal life (checkbook, drive
  5. Frankly, it's too early for you to be worrying this much about getting into grad school. It doesn't matter what your GPA is right now because it will only make up 1/4 of your overall GPA, and it's the year of classes admissions people will care about the least. It's not even a low GPA anyways, so don't waste your time and peace of mind worrying about it. Also, don't bother looking too hard for specific programs now. It's obviously good to be interested in your major and to look out for future opportunities, but by the time you actually get around to applying for grad school your interests are
  6. I'm going into an MA program with a larger number of students than a PhD cohort, so I'm not really so worried about making friends or long-term friendships as I would normally be before moving to a new place. I don't know who any of the other students are, how many of us there are, there's no Facebook group or any of the usual pre-attendance stuff. I guess it would be nice to get a feel for who I'll be taking classes with, but I'm trying not to think about it too much and to spend as much time as I can with my undergrad friends I'll be graduating with. Are the other students in your cohort
  7. I hardly ever take notes in class, and my notebooks are a joke. Pretty much the only time I ever take notes in class is when the professor says something important sounding, and everyone starts scribbling it down - I write something down too just so that the prof doesn't think I'm not listening or that I don't think his point is important. Whenever I try to take more notes, I generally end up missing out on the benefits of the discussion. Also, now that I've gotten used to typing everything up, my handwriting is horrible and I'm too lazy to write things out coherently. One suggestion, thoug
  8. "I just figured out that reindeer are real, like, a year ago. And one time, recently, I poured coffee on my oatmeal because I spazzed out on what milk looks like?" Sounds like you're just about insane enough for a successful career in academia.
  9. I certainly don't think it would be inappropriate to ask.
  10. I used to work in food service and hated it when people would ask for "extra" ranch dressing, mayo, whatever (in quotations because their food came with neither, as they were paying for neither), because it involved digging the gigantic bucket of dressing out of the walk-in fridge and sticking my entire [gloved] hand down in there to reach the stuff with the scoop. Inevitably those who demanded free portions of dressing would then stand around whining about how "she's really taking her time in there" and about how we should really just have free portions of dressing sitting out ready for peopl
  11. Starting a business at the same time as starting grad school sounds quite dangerous to me, because of the financial risk involved. I think those who have already responded have given good advice. As far as the expected level of difficulty is concerned, I don't know if you'll be able to get a sound answer unless you speak to someone who is currently attending the program you will be attending. Not only are all programs likely to be a bit different, but lots of people who are used to getting similar grades may dedicate very different amounts of time to work. I was told by a friend who went to la
  12. Rankings might not matter or be truly indicative of a program's quality, but it can't be denied that some programs are undeniably better than others. Sure, there is the whole question of fit and sub-field strength, and it is definitely possible for a lesser-known program to be a better choice for an applicant than, say, Harvard. But when you look at it in terms of groups of programs instead of individual ones, I think it is possible to categorize programs on a loose ranking system of one's own. In that case, it's likely that one's own rankings (taking personal factors into account) will corres
  13. Being in a long distance relationship is actually a lot easier when you are swamped with work. You won't be bored and wondering what he's up to all the time, and you won't be thinking "I wish Johnny were here right now" the way you would be if you were having a fabulous time traveling or living a more relaxed lifestyle. Skype is really amazing, and makes being apart much easier. Decide on a regular time that will be good for you to talk, with the understanding that social events with real people should sometimes take priority. Also, try not to spend lots of time talking on Skype, because it
  14. I was rejected by a program that I considered the worst of those I applied to. I remember wondering whether if I was accepted there but nowhere else, I would even bother attending at all. This specific program was a more general history MA - their students cannot limit themselves to one field, but must take a wider variety of classes to prepare themselves for teaching in high schools and community colleges. I want to pursue a PhD, but I figured I would apply to this program just in case I failed miserably at my other applications and thought it better to take a few years out to teach. In the e
  15. Take notice, prospective Sports Management students! Here is a program you can apparently get into without having any interest in the field whatsoever!
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