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College Level Teaching without Research?


Hello all, I just had a question.

I currently have a BA and would love to go to grad school, but I can't figure out what sort of career path I would want to pursue. The reason for that is this: I am immensely passionate about and good at languages, and I love helping people learn them and walking them through grammar and conversation. I know I would love teaching at the university level (absolutely not high school though), but I have absolutely no interest in research or publishing. I don't mean that in a "lazy" sort of way; my interests simply lie in teaching rather than publishing. The languages that I would consider teaching would be Latin, German, Spanish, or a Scandinavian language(s) (or any combination of those).

The problem is that all of the jobs for languages seem to be either tenure-track faculty positions (which require publishing and research) or adjunct positions that pay like $7000/year. Is there any place for people like me at the university level, or should I try to find something else?


Thanks all!

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The academic market is pretty saturated with those who do want to do research and many who would rather be on tenure track end up making a patchwork of adjunct work.

With your interests, if you are truly uninterested in teaching at the high school level, I would consider positions at community colleges or other programs geared toward adult learners outside of University. 

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