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Rockefeller VS. Columbia Med

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Hi! I'm pursuing a PHD in biology (probably more focused on cell biology and metabolism). I'm accepted to Rockefeller University in the Tri-I and Columbia medical school PHD program. I have about equal number of PIs who I wanna work with in both institutions. The curriculum in Columbia med is bit more strict, which doesn't bother me that much. So I'm really struggling now. 

Columbia med seems to have better reputation among lay public while Rockefeller is often unknown to people outside of biology. But even among bio ppl I heard mixed comment for Rockefeller. Some think it's comparable to Harvard and Stanford. Some barely heard of it. (Not saying that I care too much about the reputation, but I just don't get a lot of info about Rockefeller other than its own website....) 

Please let me know your experience if you have worked in either place. thanks!


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